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Services - Adventure

Here are some reasons why you should choose Dog on a Walk for your dog adventures.

First, fun time is guaranteed for your pet! I would like to make the adventure time the highlight of their day. I would like them to look forward to my visit. The adventure time gives him/her certain interactions from other dogs and people as well as exposure to different environments, sounds, scents and so on. It is important for dogs to have various stimulations in their life to keep a balanced life.

Second, I provide complimentary picture updates by text message or email. You get great pictures and find out how your dog does on their walk.

Third, I give personal attention to all clients. Dogs make me happy and I want to make them happy. Every dog is different. Some dogs like a walk that stimulates their brain while other dogs like a more simple neighborhood walk. I try to understand each dog and find out what will make the most out of whatever service they sign up for. Fun time is guaranteed for your pups!

Fourth, I reinforce anything they have learned with you during my visit. From the experience as a trainer, I am able to reinforce a good behavior from your dogs. It will not be a training session but as you know, any consistency is a key to the success of your dog training. I can be help for that! If your dog is signed up for a group outing, he/she learns good behaviors from other dogs in a group as well.

Fifth, dogs tend to learn leash manners by walking with me. I frequently get feedback from clients that their dogs walk so much better on a leash or that their dogs sniff around less and actually walk. I consider walking and adventure as mental and physical exercise opportunities. I will not encourage dogs to mark many places, sniff around the same spot for 3minutes straight or keep pulling the leash to dislocate my shoulder. A simple outing can be a fun opportunity to learn and work out for your dogs when they go out with me!

Sixth, if your dogs went through training, I reinforce what they have learned so far with no charge. I have a background of learning different methods for training throughout the years. I can adopt to whatever training approach you use. I also feel comfortable working with any size/breed of dogs and understand the individual personality of the dogs well.

Lastly, the first meeting is always complimentary. This will give you a chance to meet me in person and I can get to know you and your Dog(s) more. We can just talk and figure out what we can do to achieve the goal that you are looking for. You don’t have to sign up for any service right at the point. You can think about it and look around more and compare if you like. I am just there to answer any questions you have.

A little Adventure

  • Take your dog to a park, trail or hiking
  • Give them fresh water during and after activity
  • Great physical and mental exercise for your dog
  • Provide food / treats per request
  • Move packages inside the house

* car ride required
* latest start of adventure is 4pm

Length of visit: 1 hour minimum outting plus 30-60 minute car ride $50

  • additonal dog: $15

Run Run Run

  • take your dog to a run in your neighborhood
  • give them fresh water(not too much to avoid bloat)
  • great exercise for your dog
  • Provide treats per request (no food)
  • Move packages inside the house

Length of visit: 45 minutes


Look at our happy pups during a little adventure with Dog on a Walk