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Services - Training

Here are a few reasons why you should sign up for training sessions with Dog on a Walk.

First, I listen you needs and goals. You spend the most time with your dog(s). That means you know more about your dog(s) than anyone. That is why I listen. I need to understand not only you and your dog(s) but also your lifestyle, your family structure and so on. The more I know the better training plan we can make together.

Second, I have been working with animals since 2006 and training dogs since 2008. I have various experience working with animals, daycare, boarding, law enforcement, military, service dog, veterinary etc.

Third, I customize the training approach and methods based on the clients. Every one of us is different and it’s the same for dogs. Every dog is different and unique. It is my job to figure out what type of personality each dog has and come up with the training that will work for you!

Fourth, I will always tell you the truth! It is a promise. I will not lie and I will tell what I see based on my experience.

Lastly, the first meeting is always complimentary. This will give you a chance to meet me in person and I can get to know you and your Dog(s) more. We can just talk and figure out what we can do to achieve the goal that you are looking for. You don’t have to sign up for any service right at the point. You can think about it and look around more and compare if you like. I am just there to answer any questions you have.

I will work with all breeds, sizes, and personalities.
I specialize in:

  • basic, intermediate and advance obidence
  • confidence building/fear issue
  • aggression toward people and others
  • behavior modifications

Teach and Learn

  • one on one private lesson
  • location of the training can be home, office, or public place
  • includes training notes by email after training
  • consultation between lessons for additional help

Length of visit: 1 hour

pricing varies based on the location of the training


  • Canine Good Citizen Test
  • Community Canine Test